Terms and Conditions

  • GEEKLURN IBM Certified Data Science Architect Program shall be structured into three (3) stages:
    • Stage 1: This stage will run from the inception/ beginning to six (6) months into the course module.

    • Stage 2: This stage will begin at the seventh (7) month of the course module, since the inception and shall extend up to the ninth (9) month. This stage shall include the following:

      • Curriculum recap

      • Real time projects

      • Mock interviews

      • Placement preparations

    • Stage 3: This stage will begin from the ninth (9) month, since the inception and shall extend up to the twelfth (12) month of the course module. This stage shall include the following:

      • Placements and Assistance

NOTE: Any request for change in batch from a stundent shall be entertained, provided the same is made within a period of seven (7) days from the commencement of that batch. Any request made post seven (7) days shall not be entertained by GEEKLURN.

  • The course module shall be completed within a period of twelve (12) months from the inception.

  • Every student at GEEKLURN is eligible for a scholarship on fulfilment of the following conditions:

    • The student has been physically present in class and has an attendance of more than 90%;

    • The student has scored a minimum of 80%, overall, in the module-based performance analysis tests, which are carried out by GEEKLURN;

    • The student has completed Stage 2 of the course module;

    • The student has fulfilled all the requirements needed for a Job Guarantee, which requirements are further clearly captured below in these Terms & Conditions.

  • In order to be qualified for the GEEKLURN’s Job Guarantee programme, the student shall adhere to the following conditions:

    • The student must have a degree from a recognized University, before completion of the course module;

    • The student must be fluent in written and spoken English;

    • The student to take complete responsibility to ensure that he/ she have all the required permissions as may be required under Law, from time to time, to work in India;

    • The student must finish Stage 1 of the course module, without freezing or obtaining any extensions while completing Stage 1 of the course module;

    • The student must have a minimum attendance of 90%;

    • The student must score a minimum of 80%, overall, including all course modules;

    • The student shall complete the course research project curriculum that is assigned to him/ her between the sixth (6) and eight (8) month of the course module, without obtaining any kind of benefits such as extensions, freeze/ suspension, during the execution of this project;

    • The student shall score a minimum of 80% in the mock interviews;

    • The student shall submit a project thesis report to the lead research investigator candidate throughout the course module term of real-time funded research project activity;

    • The student shall be in charge of managing client assignments for research projects (onsite and offsite) and submitting them to GEEKLURN/Clients within agreed time lines;

    • If the student fails to meet KPI metrics during the mock interviews led by industry professionals, then he/ she will not be permitted to participate in real-time interviews and will also not be eligible for scholarships.

  • The student will be presented with twenty-five (25) interview opportunities by GEEKLURN in the field of data scientist/data analyst. At any point of time, GEEKLURN will not be held liable if the student’s candidature is not taken forward by any of these Companies, for any reason, whatsoever.

  • GEEKLURN shall not have any say in the compensation/ salary package of the student, which will be purely discussed and mutually agreed between the student and the employer.

  • If a student secures an offer from any Company which is not referred to him/ her from GEEKLURN, then even under such conditions, the student will be regarded to come within the definition of “qualifying position”.

  • At all times, GEEKLURN shall provide all necessary support that is needed for the student to secure a job offer.

  • The amount or any other gift as deemed appropriate, that is awarded as scholarship, shall be at the complete discretion of GEEKLURN. The student shall not challenge the amount or the gift awarded as scholarship to him/ her by GEEKLURN.

  • It is expected that the students must apply for pertinent positions post the course module complete and have reasonable expectations based on their own background and skillsets.

  • It is expected that the student responds within 24 hours/ 1 day, post the communication from GEEKLURN regarding the placement opportunity. If the student fails to revert within 24 hours/ 1 day then it would be considered that he/ she would have waived the benefits of Job Guarantee which is provided by GEEKLURN.

  • It is understood that the student shall comply with the above-mentioned Terms & Conditions, failing which Job Guarantee benefits shall not be passed on to the student.

  • The benefits of a Job Guarantee provided by GEEKLURN shall not come into effect under the following circumstances:

  • The student succeeded in the interview, but declined the to accept the offer;

  • The student does not wish to relocate, which is required by the Employer;

  • When there is any recession in the market which is affecting the job opportunities;

  • When the student is able to secure a job through his/ her own efforts and network, independent of the one provided by GEEKLURN.

  • The student is eligible for a refund and he/ she can withdraw from the course at any time, not later that seven (7) from the start of the course module. The student agrees and understand that he/ she may also be subject to a fine, not exceeding Rs. 20,000/- for withdrawal from the course.

  • Any disputes arising under these Terms & Conditions shall be settled amicably. In case the student and GEEKLURN are unable to settle any dispute which may arise under this Terms and Conditions, then it is agreed that the same may be referred to Arbitration and the dispute shall be heard as per the provisions of The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The venue shall be Bangalore and the language of Arbitration shall be English. The matter will be referred to a sole Arbitrator.


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