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Last Updated on: September 23, 2022

A website breathes through the codes, functions through aesthetics, and the developer makes it possible all the way.”

A website breathes through the codes, functions through aesthetics, and the developer makes it possible all the way.”

If I ask you what exactly you want from your desired job apart from work satisfaction? A good salary, right?, In fact, a great salary. If you are wondering about the scopes of a good-paying job around you, let me enlighten you a little about the market peripheries. According to U.S News and World Report for best technological jobs, Web development is ranked 8th. 

What makes web development to come to a step up in availing potential credibility to subject job aspirants? It is because web development comes up with a lot of transferable skills and versatility. You need not be a professional degree holder to become a web developer.

A lot of space has been added in the list of prerequisites, where students from other genres can fit in too by taking up a supplementary or certified course in web development

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Why web development?

career hike in web development

1. It is fun and interesting:

There was a time when creativity was in the intersection with technicality, unlike now. Now both grow parallelly in unison. Web development is such an area where there is room for both. It allows both the hemisphere of the brain to work in cohesion where intellect comes with artistry toppings, with a thin crust of coding fundamentals and lots of bursting cheesy and zesty skills. You create a design, play with the aesthetics, code it, present it and it’s done.

2. Be your own boss:

As a web developer, your work is not constricted around the cubicles. Your set of skills and expertise can make you fill your pockets just sitting at home. Apart from your day to day niche, you can work as a freelancing developer parallelly suiting your schedules and make a hell lot of money. Working as a freelancer supports your creative freedom. If you choose to work for a startup even, they leverage a fair amount of learning which will definitely help you grow and add value to your portfolios.


Yes, very likely you are going to make good money with pursuing web development as a career. The area encompasses a lot of skills. You can circumference adding skills to the dept while keeping your ability at the centre. 

Salary of web developers:

According to the study and averaging 150 salaries, the approximate annual income of a web developer is 389,674 INR.

What do Web developers do:

Web developers are the spine to any website. The job requires attention to detail. The developer creates the website’s nerves, lets it breathe through the codes, and makes it walk through aesthetics. In short, a website speaks the language of its developer. Some of the task they perform:

  1. Documentation and testing of websites.
  2. Collaborate with designers and content producers.
  3. Debugging and modifying the website.
  4. Accessing databases and generating web pages.

Skills Required to Become a Professional Web Developer 

full stack web development tools

The skills required to become a professional web developer depend on the area in which you wish to specialise. A backend developer’s job is to create and edit a database, while a frontend developer creates websites and applications. The programming language in which you specialise is also important for your growth as a professional web developer. 

Some essential skills required to become a professional web developer are:

  • Proficiency in at least one web language. The more languages you are well-versed with, the better your prospects and the higher the web developer salary.
  • Knowledge of other related skills, like web frameworks and libraries.
  • Familiarity with popular web development tools and programs.
  • Problem-solving skills to work with and debug codes.
  • Attention to detail at every stage of the development process, as this helps in preventing bugs.
  • Communication skills to work in a team with other developers, clients, designers, and testers.
  • Ability to take responsibility for resolving a problem by yourself.
  • Ability to be self-motivated to perform the best.

Web Developer Salary in India: Experience and Stats

A web developer’s salary in India is determined by several factors including their skills and experience. While skills in JavaScript and website development are considered superior and command higher pay, skills like CSS, HTML5, and PHP are easy to master but pay less. In addition to the knowledge of various programming languages, skills associated with the knowledge of special programs and tools (like AWS, Drupal, Microsoft ASP, Adobe Illustrator, and Sitecore software) lead to higher pay packages.

The experience in terms of the number of years of web development and the knowledge of the latest software and programming languages play a key role in determining a web developer’s salary in India. The more the experience, the higher is the annual average salary of a web developer. 

Average Web Developer Salary in India Based on Years of Experience

Number of Years of Experience0 to 1 Year2 to 4 Years5 to 9 Years10+ Years
Average Salary per annumRs.2.5 lakhs Rs.3.6 lakhsRs.8.9 lakhs Rs.14.5 lakhs

Experience is measured both by the number of years and the diversity and size of projects handled.

Factors That Decide Web Developer Salary

Out of a pool of requisites that enable a web developer to climb on his career path, there are a few specific skills which are exclusively important to leverage the salary bracket. Some of them are;

  1. JavaScript
  2. HTML
  3. HTML5
  4. JQuery
  5. MySQL
  6. PHP
  7. CSS (Cascading style sheet)
  8. Angular.Js
  9. Asynchronous Javascript
  10. XML

Even out of this categorised skill, you can handpick some specialised skills like Javascript, HTML5, CSS and PHP, which alone can fetch you a hike of almost 40% in the basket. 

A web developer’s salary is also determined by several factors besides the requirements of the job at demand. The most important factors are:

Experience: The experience of a web developer is very important in determining the remuneration offered. The many years of experience allow a developer to deal with different types of situations and find solutions for them.

Location: A job gains and loses its relevance to a place too. What if you have the perfect skills, but you are searching for the job in the wrong place. It’s a big ocean and you have to put the bait at the right place to get the fish. For web development, the lucrative location springs around Bangalore and Mumbai. The salary heavily depends on a place and its cost of living. Eyeing such parameters, the salary graph is plotted. Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, West Bengal, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kochi are some of the cities where Web development has a hold in providing opportunities to job seeking aspirants.

Size and Nature of the Employer: A smaller company typically pays lower salaries than bigger companies for the same type of job. While bigger companies can afford higher salaries because of their financial situation, smaller firms may prove to be a springboard for your career advancement by providing you more exposure to the complete project.

Skills and Knowledge: Apart from the hard skills related to the knowledge of programming languages, developers also need to have certain soft skills to complete their job efficiently. This impacts the salary package they are offered.

Job Profile: A full-stack developer may earn more than a back-end or front-end developer.

What Role you can serve as a web developer:

Web development pours you with a number of job roles to fit in like;

  1. Design and layout analyst
  2. Web marketing analyst
  3. Front end developer
  4. back end developer
  5. UI Designer
  6. UX Consultant

Steps to Become a Professional Web Developer in 2022

A skilled web developer needs to complete formal education, gain practical experience and earn some additional certifications. Other essential requirements are building a resume and a portfolio showcasing their work and qualifications.

  • Complete a Degree

A person looking to make a career as a professional web developer needs to complete formal education. A Bachelor’s degree in science or computer science is a good place to begin. Basic coding and programming skills are a must for web development. However, your Bachelor’s degree needn’t be related to this, as you can learn programming languages later. Different companies may seek people with different levels of education. However, most companies do require you to be a graduate.

  • Pursue Internships

The next step in the journey to become a professional web developer is to get good internships that provide hands-on experience in the field. Internships provide an excellent opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills as well as a chance to collaborate with experienced developers and learn the practical side of web development. Some degree programs include internship placements. Else, you can look for internship opportunities in your network.

  • Build Your Portfolio

The next step is to build a portfolio that highlights your achievements and the work done by you so far. The information in this portfolio plays an important role in telling potential employers about your capabilities and the accomplishments in the work done by you so far.

  • Earn Certifications

If you haven’t graduated in computer sciences, it is a good idea to complete a focused course and get a certification in special programming languages and additional skills that enhance your coding capabilities. The constant evolution in technology makes it important for every web developer to remain updated and upskill. Certifications can give your career a boost. You can choose between GeekLurn’s front-end and full-stack web development courses, as these can help you build your skills in the latest technologies with guidance from industry experts.

  • Create Your Resume

Before you look around for a job in web development, you need to develop a detailed and interesting resume. Ensure that it correctly portrays your qualifications and certifications and conveys your true worth to prospective employers. Remember to list out all your programming competencies and the coding expertise you have. Do not forget to mention the various industry certifications or special technical skills that you have. The details of internships done by you are also useful.

Tips to Find Web Developer Jobs

The growing popularity of the internet and the demand for websites and apps ensures that there is abundant work for coders and web developers. Here are some tips to find a web developer job:

  • Showcase Your Skills and Experience – The best way to find a web developer job is to market your skills and experience well. Apart from creating a powerful resume that lists all your qualifications, certifications, and experience, you can create your blog or social media pages to showcase your skills. Social media posts about the latest developments in your field can play a key role in attracting job opportunities.
  • Use Job Boards and Freelance Sites – Another option is to use job boards that specialise in bringing prospective employers and developers in touch with each other. Several sites and job boards offer excellent opportunities for freelance work to web developers with little experience.
  • Utilise Your Networks – Use your interpersonal skills and explore your network contacts for job opportunities in the web development area. This option can get you lots of work that helps you apply your knowledge to build new websites and apps. You can showcase the work done for your friends and family to your potential employers.

The Best Learning Resources for Web Development

There are plenty of online learning resources available for web development. Here is a list of some important resources to help you become a professional web developer:

  • GeekLurn – This NASSCOM certified education company offers specialised courses in data science, web development, and other certifications that can help you gain knowledge and expertise from industry leaders. Moreover, it ensures placements in good companies, which can enable you to kickstart your career.
  • Stack Overflow – This public platform for questions and answers related to coding and programming is a great way to enhance your knowledge and resolve your queries. The community of professionals is eager to help you resolve any problem that you face while developing or coding.
  • W3Schools – This freemium educational website is an excellent resource for learning to code online. The website offers online courses covering various aspects of web development, besides offering free HTML updates.
  • Codecademy – This online interactive platform offers coding classes in different programming languages including Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, C#, and Sass, plus markup languages like HTML and CS. Many of the courses offered here are free.
  • FreeCodeCamp – This online resource offers several opportunities to learn to code and get certified. With a variety of course options, this resource is useful for enhancing your skills and learning new languages for free.
  • Coursera – This online learning platform offers you a chance to get certifications from technical universities across the globe. The site offers both accredited and non-accredited courses.
  • CSS-Tricks – This is a good resource that provides high-quality articles on front-end web development, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Udacity – Offering specialised courses in web development and other specialised areas like cybersecurity and data science, Udacity can also help you enhance your knowledge.
  • Coding Bootcamps – Online bootcamps are an excellent way to enhance your coding skills and learn new things. These programs are quite intense and can help you hone your skills. Bootcamps can be a part of any course that you are doing or can be found by searching online resources like Codesmith and HackReactor.


1. What is the highest pay for Web Developers?

Salaries for different roles within web development depend on a wide range of factors such as geographical location, size of the company, job profile, experience of the candidate & more. That being said, one of the highest paying web development jobs worldwide is that of a full stack developer, professionals who specialize in both front-end & back-end development. The average salary in India for full-stack developers is seen to be 6,00,000 per annum as per some researches. The salary can grow many fold as your experience increases. An experienced Web Developer earns an average salary of ₹10 Lakhs per year

2. How can Web Developers increase their salary?

A wide variety of factors can impact salary. First up, the more your skills, the better the pay package. Typically full stack developers who specialize in both front-end as well as back-end development have higher pay scales. Pay scales also increase with experience. The more work that you can show that you have done, the better salary you can demand. Salaries are also better in large cities that are known to be tech hubs and also vary by companies. The key to improve salary levels is therefore to build on your skills & keep yourself updated with the latest developments.

3. What is the lowest pay for Web Developers?

Web development salaries vary on account of a wide variety of factors. First up they depend upon the job profile & specialization. Full stack developers, for example, get paid higher. Similarly salaries go up by experience levels, geographical location & more. Typically web development salaries at the entry level are seen to be at an average of 3 lakhs per annum.


Monica is a senior marketing executive. Her skillsets consist of digital marketing and strategy, SEO, marketing analysis and more. She also has her expertise in writing various copies, including web, newsletters, e-books, social media, etc. But, it does not stop here. Her love for writing goes as far as doing poetry connecting science and life.

Monica Swain

Monica is a senior marketing executive. Her skillsets consist of digital marketing and strategy, SEO, marketing analysis and more. She also has her expertise in writing various copies, including web, newsletters, e-books, social media, etc. But, it does not stop here. Her love for writing goes as far as doing poetry connecting science and life.
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