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Why Full Stack Web Developer?

Web, being the widest broadcasting channel to reach the audience, needs proper execution to build a platform to convey your brand and services. Web development makes it executable by using a framework that includes Java, HTML, and CSS. When you learn Web Development, you learn better to work in the frontend, build a web page, and boost your skills. You make it easy for users to access multimedia content and enhance the usability of products and services.
Full stack web development courses in bangalore

Eight out of ten customers come to know about a product via blog.

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Daily, approximately 3 billion searches are executed.

full stack web development career opportunities

Website design is a vital element that determines the credibility of nearly 49% of visitors.

Who should learn Full Stack Web Developer?

best full stack web developer courses in bangalore

Students passionate about Web Designing with hassle-free coding.

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Professionals desiring to earn more through freelancing.

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Students who are studying yet have an eagerness to learn a new skillset.

Full stack Data science career transition

Anyone who is creative, artistic, and enthusiastic about realizing them on the internet.

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Introduction to HTML5

Learning Objectives: ​You will learn how to create HTML websites and use basic CSS in your work. We do not assume any prior knowledge so we go through the concepts from the beginner’s point of view.



❖ Overview of HTML

❖ Links and Navigation

❖ HTML Tables and Lists

❖ HTML Forms and Input

❖ New Tags and Form Elements in HTML5
❖ HTML Images

❖ Intro to HTML5 Graphics

❖ Intro to New HTML5 Features

❖ Intro to HTML5 Multimedia

❖ Intro to SVG in HTML5



❖ Making Web Pages using VS Code

❖ Demonstrating Website
❖ Live view of HTML5 Graphics

❖ Creating Multimedia and SVG in HTML5

❖ Will have a basic understanding of HTML
❖ Working with a fully enabled HTML5 Website 

Deep Dive into HTML5 - Drag and Drop, Geo Location and Web Storage

Learning Objectives: ​You will be able to use features like Drag and Drop, Geolocation and Web Storage to create the immersible user experience. You will have a thorough understanding of HTML5.


❖ HTML5 Feature Detection Drag & Drop

❖ Intro to HTML5 Multimedia

❖ Deep Dive into SVG in HTML5

❖ Geolocation

❖ Web Storage
❖ Application Cache

❖ Adding, Deleting, Editing and Updating tasks to Local Storage

❖ HTML5 Video, New Attributes

❖ HTML5 Media Elements


❖ Making Web Pages using VS Code

❖ Demonstrating Website
❖ Live view of HTML5 Graphics

❖ Creating Multimedia and SVG in HTML5


❖ Ready-to-launch website.

❖ Working with every HTML5 Semantic Features 


Real World Designing with CSS3

Learning Objectives: ​You will learn how to create HTML websites and use basic CSS in your work. We do not assume any prior knowledge so we go through the concepts from the beginner’s point of view.


❖ Getting Started with CSS

❖ Colors

❖ CSS Box Model

❖ Getting Started with Chrome Developer Tools

❖ Typography
❖ Images, Icons

❖ Spacing and Layout

❖ Relative Vs Absolute

❖ Basic SEO

❖ Google Analytics

❖ Classes & ID Selectors


❖ Building the Header

❖ Features Section

❖ Content Section

❖ Sticky Navigation

❖ Signup Section
❖ Adding Animations to Scroll

❖ Building the Footer

❖ Building the Sidebar

❖ Building the Contact Form

❖ Making the Web Page Responsive


❖ Building a Simple Layout

❖ The ultimate cheatsheet: all web design guidelines in one place

❖ Optimizing the Website
❖ Polishing a Blog Post Web Page

❖ Making a fully Functional Website

Bootstrap 4 

Master Bootstrap 4 and building real-world themes using HTML5 Semantics & CSS3

Learning Objectives:​ You will learn ​Bootstrap 3 or 4 to learning all of the utilities, components, widgets, and grids and building real-world themes and websites


❖ Typography & Utilities

❖ CSS Components

❖ Grid System

❖ Grid Alignment

❖ Flexbox Classes

❖ Auto Margin, Wrap & Ordering

❖ Carousel Slider

❖ Collapse & Accordion
❖ Tooltips, Popovers

❖ Modals

❖ Navbars

❖ Tables, Pagination

❖ Forms & Input

❖ Input Groups

❖ Alerts & Progress Bars

❖ Media Object, Jumbotron


❖ Simple Theme Boilerplate Setup

❖ Developing Admin UI

❖ Implementing Grid System & Flexbox

❖ Social Theme

❖ Developing a Portfolio Grid

❖ Implementing Multi Page Theme


❖ Creating a complete Responsive Website

❖ Learning semantic HTML5 & modern CSS3 techniques.
❖ Learning including helpers/utilities, components, widgets, flexbox and more.


Adding Beautiful Effects, Animations and Ajax Calls to Websites Using jQuery

Learning Objectives:​ You will learn how to use jQuery to create stunning animations, provide fast feedback forms, handle all user events and perform Ajax calls.


❖ Fading Elements

❖ Showing, Sliding Elements

❖ Moving Elements

❖ Custom Animations

❖ Delaying and Chaining Animations

❖ Timing Animations using Callback Functions

❖ Using CSS Selectors in jQuery

❖ jQuery Methods for Traversal

❖ Adding Click Handlers

❖ Delegated Events

❖ Handling KeyDown and KeyUp Events

❖ Focus & Blur Events

❖ Ajax with jQuery


❖ Creating a Signup LightBox

❖ Passing Additional Data to Events

❖ Create an Image Gallery with Lightbox Preview

❖ Fetching a Server file with jQuery

❖ Retrieving Flickr Images through Flickr

❖ Retrieving Pokemon Data with Pokemon API

❖ Modularizing Event Handlers

❖ Handling Click Handlers & Hover Handlers


❖ Creating Dynamic Websites that user interacts

❖ Add Fast Feedback and Validation for Forms using jQuery
❖ Use Ajax to add Content the Page Dynamically from the APIs

❖ Handle Arbitrary User Events

Modern JavaScript with ES6

Intro to Modern JavaScript

Learning Objectives:​ ​You will learn JavaScript and programming fundamentals: variables, boolean logic, if/else, loops, functions, arrays, etc. Asynchronous JavaScript: The event loop, promises, async/await, AJAX and APIs.


❖ Variables, Mutation & Data Types

❖ Basic Operators, Operator Precedence

❖ Decision Making, Loops

❖ Arrays, Objects & Properties

❖ Objects & Methods

❖ Loops & Iteration

❖ JavaScript Parsers & Engines
❖ Execution Context & Execution Stack

❖ Creation and Execution Phases and Hoisting

❖ Scoping and the Scope Chain

❖ This ‘this’ Keyword

❖ DOM Access & Manipulation

❖ Events & Event Handling

❖ Object-Oriented Concepts


❖ Prototype Chain in the Console

❖ Creating Object & Function Constructors

❖ Applying Bind, Call & Apply

❖ Implementing the Module Pattern

❖ Asynchronous JavaScript: The event loop, promises, async/await, AJAX and APIs

❖ Executing Constructors

❖ Coding Challenges


❖ All the JavaScript and Programming Fundamentals variables, data types, boolean logic, if/else statements, loops, functions, object, arrays and more.
❖ Deep understanding of how JavaScript works behind the scenes: execution contexts, hoisting, scoping, the ‘this’ keyword, and more.

Deep Dive into ES6

Learning Objectives:​ ​You will be mastering ES6 syntax mastering the fundamentals of iteration over Arrays using helpers like ‘forEach’, ‘map’, and ‘reduce’ which we will be further used in modern web frameworks such as React.


❖ For Each Helper

❖ Map Helper

❖ Filter Helper

❖ Find Helper

❖ Every & Some Helper

❖ Reduce Helper

❖ Const/Let

❖ Template String

❖ Arrow Functions

❖ Enhanced Object Literals
❖ Const/Let

❖ Default Function Arguments

❖ Rest and Spread Operator

❖ Destructuring

❖ Classes

❖ Generators

❖ Promises & Fetch

❖ Modules

❖ Debugging

❖ Image Map


❖ Calculating Values with Map

❖ Handling Permissions with Filters

❖ Using Find to Search For Users

❖ Every and Some in Practice

❖ Recursion with Destructuring

❖ Executing async code with Promises

❖ Ajax Requests with Fetch

❖ Coding Challenges


❖ Learn the purpose of Babel and Why ES6 was Created.

❖ Grasp the difference between the ‘rest’ and ‘spread’ operators.
❖ Develop complex applications that scale in complexity by mastering advanced ES6 design patterns. 


Intro to React

Learning Objectives:​ ​We will start with the basics of ​React on what React is and how you may use it (and for which kind of apps). Thereafter, we’ll go all the way ​from basic to advanced​ covering JSX, State, Props, etc..



❖ Components

❖ State

❖ Props

❖ Component API

❖ Component API LifeCycle

❖ Forms
❖ Events

❖ Refs

❖ Keys

❖ Router

❖ Flux Concept

❖ High Order Components

❖ Pure Functional Components


❖ Real World SPAs & React Web Apps

❖ Understanding Let and Const

❖ Arrow Functions, Exports, and Imports

❖ Destructuring Functions, JS Arrays

❖ Working with Lists and Conditionals

❖ Styling React Components & Elements

❖ Debugging React Apps

❖ Coding Challenges


❖ React is all about components basically you will gain skills on dynamically passing data with components.

❖ Styling React Components
❖ Authentication

❖ Forms and form validation in React Apps

❖ Access HTTP content within React Apps

Deep Dive into React

Learning Objectives:​ ​You will be mastering ES6 syntax mastering the fundamentals of iteration over Arrays using helpers like ‘forEach’, ‘map’, and ‘reduce’ which we will be further used in modern web frameworks such as React.


❖ Diving Deeper into Components & React Internals

❖ Project Structure

❖ Reaching out to the Web (Http / Ajax)

❖ Multi-Page-Feeling in Single-Page App

❖ Advanced Routing

❖ Forms & Form Validation

❖ Redux

❖ Redux Advanced

❖ Flux Concept

❖ Using life cycle components of React
❖ Understanding Creator & Asynchronous Code

❖ Utility Functions

❖ Alternative Folder Structures other flux concepts

❖ React Hooks

❖ Multiple States

❖ Rules of Hooks

❖ Sending Http Requests

❖ Advanced Callbacks()

❖ useContext(), useEffect()

❖ Custom Hook

❖ Custom Reducers


❖ Putting Data Transforming Logic

❖ Handling Permissions with Filters

❖ Using Find to Search For Users

❖ Every and Some in Practice

❖ Recursion with Destructuring

❖ Executing async code with Promises

❖ Ajax Requests with Fetch

❖ Coding Challenges


❖ Learn the purpose of Babel and Why ES6 was Created.
❖ Develop complex applications that scale in complexity by mastering advanced ES6 design patterns.


Intro to NodeJS:

Learning Objectives:​ ​You will learn Node.js by building real-world applications with Node, Express, MongoDB, Jest and more!



❖ Environment Setup, REPL Terminal

❖ NPM, Callback Concept

❖ Event Loop

❖ Event Emitter

❖ Buffers

❖ Streams

❖ File System

❖ Global Objects

❖ Utility Modules

❖ Web Module

❖ Express Framework


❖ Scaling Application

❖ Packaging


❖ Working on Node.js Module System

❖ Creating Files System & Command Line Arguments

❖ Debugging Node.js

❖ Working on Asynchronous Node.js with CallStack, Callback Queue & Event Loop

❖ Working with WebServers

❖ API from Browser


❖ During these chapters you will be skilled with Node.js, NPM, Asynchronous way of programming with Socket.io.

❖ Deploying the Application with WebServers, Modules, File System & also Deployment with Heroku

Deep Dive into NodeJS

Learning Objectives:​ ​Dive deep under the hood of NodeJS. Learn V8, Express, ​Get advanced with Node.Js! Learn caching with Redis, speed up through clustering, and add image upload with S3 and Node!


❖ Databases & Advanced Asynchronous Development ❖ REST API & Mongoose

❖ API Authentication & Security

❖ Sorting, Pagination & Filtering

❖ File Uploads

❖ Sending Emails

❖ Node Internals

❖ MongoDB Atlas Setup

❖ Routes Walkthrough

❖ Data Caching with Redis

❖ Query Caching Layer

❖ Redis Hashes

❖ Patching Mongoose’s Execution

❖ Automated Headless Browser Testing

❖ CI Integration

❖ Git Repo

❖ Scalable Image

❖ Getting Signed URL


❖ Working with JSON Web Tokens

❖ Generating Authentication Tokens

❖ Advanced POSTMAN

❖ Working with TimeStamps

❖ Query Caching with Redis

❖ Working with Cookies & Sessions

❖ CI with Puppeteer

❖ Coding Challenges


❖  Grasp the difference between the ‘rest’ and ‘spread’ operators.



Intro to MangoDB

Learning Objectives:​ ​You will be Mastering MongoDB Development for Web & Mobile Apps. CRUD Operations, Indexes, Aggregation Framework – All about MongoDB!


❖ Environment Setup

❖ Data Modelling

❖ Data Types

❖ Create, Drop Database

❖ Create, Drop Collection

❖ Insert, Query, Update, Delete Document

❖ Projection
❖ Limiting, Sorting Records

❖ Indexing

❖ Aggregation

❖ Replication

❖ Sharding

❖ Creating Backup

❖ Deployment


❖ Basics & Crud Operations

❖ Structure Documents

❖ Exploring the Shell & Server

❖ Using MongoDB Compass

❖ Diving into Create Operations

❖ Read Operations

❖ Working with Indexes

❖ Coding Challenge


❖ Install and use MongoDB locally and in the cloud (MongoDB Atlas), CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on MongoDB databases, filter for data efficiently.
❖ Work with both the Mongo Shell and drivers (e.g. Node.js driver)

❖ “Aggregation Framework” that’s built into MongoDB

Deep Dive into MongoDB

Learning Objectives:​ ​Deep Dive into MongoDB focuses on the commands/ queries you write. Use MongoDB to its full potential in future projects. Write efficient and well-performing queries to fetch data in the format you need it Use all features MongoDB offers you to work with data efficiently


❖ Relationships

❖ Database References

❖ Covered Queries

❖ Analyzing Queries

❖ Atomic Operations

❖ Advanced Indexing

❖ Indexing Limitations

❖ ObjectId

❖ Map Reduce

❖ Regular Expression

❖ RockMongo

❖ GridFS

❖ Capped Collections

❖ Auto Increment Sequence


❖ Working with Relations & References

❖ Running the covered queries, & Analyzing Queries

❖ Working on Atomic Operations

❖ Working with Indexing & Limitations

❖ Working with Regular Expressions

❖ Running the Scripts with RockMongo

❖ Coding Challenges

Skills :  

❖ Master the integration of Mongo, Node, and Mocha in a modern development environment

❖ Use the advanced features of Mongoose to save development time

Live Projects

Project #1: ​Industrial/ Manufacturing Website using HTML5 & CSS3

Description: ​This Website​ ​has to be specifically designed for all types of Small Factory Company, Electronic Business, Power, Rail Business, Airplane, Petroleum, Gas, Plants. It’s ideal for any company project. You can edit easily this HTML5 template, it’s 100% customizable. This HTML5 template is perfect for convert into WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS.

Actions to be Performed:

1 Home page Layouts

● 13 Blog Layouts

● 06 Shop Layouts

● W3C Validated Code.

● Super Clear and Clean Layout

● Fully Customizable

● Using Google Fonts

● Using Font Based Icons

● Overlay color layers

● Very Detailed Documentation

● Font Awesome Icons

● Real-Time Statistics

Technologies Used: ​ HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery  

Project #2: ​Bootstrap,JavaScript, JQuery & HTML Admin Dashboard

Description: ​Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard with HTML5 Multipurpose. This admin Dashboard will include 20+ HTML Pages & 10+ Plugins. Multipurpose Use pre-built dashboard design. It should have design left menu & horizontal menu also with Light & Dark Versions.
It will consist of a clean and corporate blue color dashboard design and comes with several modern jQuery plugins included, Awesome cool colors, charts, custom Tables and calendar, and More plugins Included. It should also include uikit elements for multipurpose use ease.

Actions to be Performed:

● 20 + HTML Pages

● 10 + Plugins

● 2 Type of menus designed dashboard template

● Left side menu and Top menu dashboard design

● Left side menu dashboard design

● Top menu dashboard design

● Light dashboard & Dark dashboard Template

● 6 types of Charts

● Responsive Bootstrap 4 Framework

● Data Tables

● File upload

● TimeLine

● Editable Text

● Form Elements

● Under Construction Page

Technologies Used: ​ Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery

Project #3: ​Responsive React eCommerce Website

Description: ​Ekart – Multipurpose eCommerce React Template is a multi-use React template. It is should be designed to go well with multi-purpose websites. Ekart Bootstrap 4 Template should help you run multiple businesses.

Ekart – Multipurpose Website is specially designed for every kind of online shops: clothes, mobile, bags, shoes, accessories, fashion, and so on.

Actions to be Performed:

● Latest React

● Bootstrap 4.1 and Saas Supported

● React CLI

● Strip JS Checkout

● Paypal Gateway Integrated

● 12 color options

● Translation Ready

● Multiple Currency

● Sass Processor css

● Pagination & Infinite Scrolling Integrated

● Responsive Design

● High Resolution

● Blog Pages

Technologies Used: ​ ReactJS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery

Project #4: ​Materialized Database CRUD Generator

Description: ​Database CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operation using ReactJS + NodeJS + MongoDB (Material Designed) This NodeJS directive is capable of automatically generating the database table management pages (creation, update, deletion, and listing) Developed Based on Google Material Design Specs which produce an aesthetic, fast and smooth UI.

This ReactJS web app is for website manager’s to develop database admin pages with the help of a directive which in turn reduces the hard repetitive tasks.

Actions to be Performed:

● Auto-generate Material Designed Admin Pages for MySQL database tables

● Boilerplate to start developing Enterprise level Material design single page web app

● Supports both local and OAUTH authentication using Passport

● Based on Google Material Design SPECs

● Mobile-first adaptive framework which is good looking and easy to use

● Built over ReactJS SPA (Single Page Application) framework

● Automatically generates ReST API using NodeJS at the backend for faster service

● Instantly create admin panels with user roles

● Modular Code – Both client and server

● Better Authentication

● Endpoint generator

● Smarter build process

● Deploy to cloud with a single command

Technologies Used: ​ NodeJS, MongoDB, ReactJS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery

  • 120+ Hours of Content

  • 6 Months Courses

  • 3 Real-Time Projects

Learn Full Stack Web Development and get certified from MICROSOFT

Microsoft Certifications are the reputed certifications around the globe & among the industries which:
  • Reflects your skills.
  • Upgrade your business impact.
  • Helps you getting hired.
full stack web developer MTA online certificate

Course Features

classroom training for data science with python in bangalore

Guidance from Corporate Specialists

Resolve all theory and projects related queries from our industrial mentors

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Corporate Boost Camps

Participate in workshops and live webinars to understand technical terms and trends and make your learning reasonable

advantages of data science online courses

Peer Networking

Build around a cohesive learning network with workmates, mentors, and experts to share ideas, address intra-queries and resolve projects, learning, and practical learning ambiguities.

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Placement Assurance

We make you industry ready as you get equipped with all the requisites through our extensive and one of its kind learning programs.

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Tenure - 24 months

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Course Fee

EMI Starting @
Tenure - 24 months

Total Program Fee

Registration Fee (Included in Total Fee)

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Student Reviews

Vikas Agarwal
Vikas Agarwal
Read More
I wanted to restart my career after marriage. GeekLurn counseling helped me to opt for the web development course. I enrolled in an online program with smooth and detailed sessions. I am working as a web marketing analyst in a reputed firm in Bangalore
Deepthi Mogal
Deepthi Mogal
Read More
The trainers at GeekLurn are above the mark. I have mastered Javascript testing frameworks in just five sessions. Presently I am working as a front end web developer in Bangalore.
 Prakash Prajwal
Prakash Prajwal
Read More
I was working as a Developer. I enrolled for the weekend online session. The LMS has helped me to compensate for the course I used to lag on weekdays. Now, I am working as a design and layout analyst with a quarter rise hike in my salary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be frequent in coding to learn web development?

No, you need not have any coding background to learn web development.

Can I pay the fees in installments?

Yes, definitely. We have easy EMI policies for our students to avail.

What will be the certification process?
After completion of the course, the participants will be exposed to the Microsoft certification exam registration process for enrollment, once enrolled for the exam he/she needs to take up the examination in Vaidehi Software Technologies which has been recognised as Authorised Testing Center for Microsoft Examinations. After successfully clearing the exam the Microsoft will directly issue the certificate to the participants.
I am a 5th-semester student pursuing Engineering. Am I eligible to enroll for the course?

Yes, indeed. This course is student-friendly, irrespective of their academic background. It will be an excellent opportunity for you to grab this course and uplift your resume.

What are the T&C for job guarantee full Stack Web Developer Course

Yes, indeed. This course is student-friendly, irrespective of their academic background. It will be an excellent opportunity for you to grab this course and uplift your resume.

  1. After the course completion, the Candidate must take the entrance test conducted by GEEKLURN and must get 60% of Minimum pass marks in order to get seat for this program.

  2. Candidates who are getting more than 90% marks in the test are eligible for 100% fee wavier thus he/she will get the complete course at free of cost with guarantee placement.
  3. After completion of course, the Candidates must pass the MICROSOFT certification exam.
Will I be learning HTML too?

Yes, you will have a hold on the front end, developing by mastering HTML, CSS, Javascript, and frameworks.

What are the relevant job opportunities I can look up to?
The good news is, you can start your career with freelancing too, after mastering this course. Apart from that, there are significant job opportunities as a web developer like
  1. Design and layout analyst.
  2. Web marketing analyst.
  3. Front end web developer.
  4. Back end web developer.
  5. UI designer.
  6. UX consultant.
Am I going to get any placement assistance from your institute?
Yes, absolutely!. We make sure your experience of learning with us is worth it
by assuring you proper carrier assistance. We indulge in
1. Career expo
2. Resume building
3. Pre-placement training
4. Mock interviews
5. shortlisting CVs with job portal collaborations
Any exam / certification fee need to be paid?

No, it’s completely free.

What are the perks for online session?
  • Participants will get real-time training sessions & materials form MICROSOFT company experts.
Does students get exposed to real time projects?

Yes, after 3 months of course completion the students will be assigned to the real-time project assignments based on the client requirements, thus he/she will start working as Full Stack Developer with at most confidence to handle the real-time client projects.

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