5 Reasons To Step Into Professional Online Courses For An Accelerated Career In 2022 Part-II

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Last Updated on: September 21, 2022

You finished your school, rolled into three to four years of the conventional semesters, flew high with graduation caps and rolled degrees in your hand. The journey to your professionalism starts with on the edge of your convocation day. Coming to the point of its effectiveness in finding you the right job, how far does the glass fill?

In a world where it is time for a digital economy, degree-based hiring is relevant but not sufficient in the present job market scenario. People are looking more towards competitive based hiring, where getting a degree is not enough, you are expected to acquire skills necessary to fit into the role more than anything.

 In a world of glasses being half empty or half full, Online courses fill the glass as much as exactly required without spilling out redundant effort, time and money. 

In the previous blog, we have discussed the active advantages of online professional courses which adds more capabilities to an employer’s efficiency. In the present blog, we will discuss passive advantages.

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Passive Advantages of Professional courses over conventional ones:

1. It always goes easy on the pockets.

The major concern of any student before getting admitted to a school or college is its fee structure, the study loans and the burden it carries. The expenses to occur sometimes overdue the comfort budget. In such a scenario, online boot camps and online professional courses come handy to the pockets. There are various modules you can choose from. The fee structure is quite flexible, unlike conventional classroom courses. 

2.Convenient and Flexible Modules:

Take an example of Data science. Most of the career-oriented students aspiring to be Data Scientist are relying on online certification programs. There are certain aspects of learning which are not industry-led and up to the corporate market. 

Be it Data Science, artificial intelligence, Web development or product management, and they make the industry trends viable through their exclusive syllabus. You get to know apart from the theoretical brigade, what exactly happens inside an organisation. They not only help you with your niche, but many institutes also offer career assistance too, which is indeed an ongoing advantage.

You sit, you learn, you get hired. 

3. It enhances concentrated opportunity:

You have learnt computer science in your regular courses, but you want to pursue web development in precise. Or you want to be a front end /back end developer. You want to be a scrum master, or you want to be a Data architect.

Whether You want to be a product manager Or you want to be a Data analyst all these job roles are customary and are not subject to getting achieved straight out of the school. You have to be ready with some exceptional skills which are exclusive to the job role, and for that, a streamlined training is required. Online professional training releases such scope for lending a platform where it is possible to make you industry-ready.

4. Learn only as much is required:

In the previous blog, as I have already mentioned;

In a world of glasses being half empty or half full, Online courses fill the glass as much as exactly required without spilling out redundant effort, time and money. 

From the whole bunch of syllabus, this method of teaching scrap the really needed one, which is intrinsic to the job role. Within the module it involves live projects, webinars, and whatnot. A face to face learning method where there is the leniency of being able to communicate with your instructor upfront is vital. 

This method of learning discards out the unnecessary theoretical archives which is quite irrelevant for corporate behaviour.

5.Start learning at the ease of your couch in the living room:

The best and the foremost benefit of undertaking the online mode of education is its scope for comfort learning. You don’t have to travel kilometres to reach an institute or sit inside a gloomy inherent classroom and study. The internet, your computer, has it all. All these components bring you all together with a convenience where you can just sit at home and start learning. 

These online learning platforms come up with LMS (learning management systems). LMS is web-based learning platforms which are self preparatory. You can take on lessons, do practical projects, give a test, get customised evaluation results and personalised feedback. How amazing is that, end to end education at the tip of your fingers!

Difference Between Active Learning and Passive Learning

Learning can be active or passive, depending on the method used to acquire knowledge and skills. The two methods differ on how information is transferred from the source to the learner. The main differences between the two forms of learning are:

Active Learning

Passive Learning

Focus of the Learning EnvironmentStudent-drivenTeacher-driven
StructureLargely unstructuredMore structured
Role of TeachersFacilitatorsAs a guide and expert in the subject matter
Role of StudentsQuestion everything that is being learnedAccept guidance from the teacher
Effort by the StudentHighLow
Type of ThinkingDivergent thinkingConvergent thinking
Scope of Feedback from StudentsHigh Low

Based on these differences, active learning involves brainstorming different ideas and synthesising them to enhance knowledge. Some common modes of active learning are discussions, laboratory experiments, role playing, and debates. The continuous feedback between teachers and students provides a measure of the learning, while ensuring better participation and attention among students. Teachers need to be flexible and spontaneous and ensure students do not deviate from what is to be learned. 

In contrast, passive learning involves the transfer of ideas from an expert in the subject matter to the students through lectures, direct instructions, storytelling, and the use of analogy. The teacher can follow a structured curriculum and plan the lectures ahead of delivery to students. Teachers need to be proactive to ensure students are engaged and have methods to gauge the amount of learning.

Since both forms of learning have their advantages and challenges, they should be used based on the abilities of the students, the learning goals and the subject being taught.

Advantages of Online Professional Courses for Students

Online education platforms emerged as a saviour for students during the pandemic, with social distancing norms in place. These platforms allowed students and professionals to upskill their knowledge and enhance their skills in different subjects and go ahead in their careers. Here are some advantages of online professional courses in India:

Flexibility: A major advantage of online professional courses is that they offer flexibility to attend the classes from anywhere, from the comfort of your home or even while travelling. This saves time and adds convenience. Online professional courses also provide video recordings of lectures that you can view again. Similarly, educational materials are also available online, making them easy to search through and read at your own pace.

Enhance Your Skills: Another advantage of online professional courses is that you can hone your skills and enhance your knowledge while continuing with your full-time job or other studies. Since you do not need to attend physical classes and can choose when to study, you can continue with your current job or higher education.

Variety of Options: There is a much wider range of specialised courses offered online, since subject matter experts from across the country can impart knowledge without having to travel to the location of the institute.

Lower Cost: Online courses are generally cheaper than physical options. These institutes save funds on building physical infrastructure and pass on the benefits to their students.

Learn at Your Pace: Since you can access the online study materials and videos at any time and any number of times, you can learn at your own pace.

All these advantages of professional online courses eliminate the barriers for you to enhance your skill and upgrade your knowledge to advance your career.

What Online Professional Courses Are in Most Demand?

The online professional course industry is booming, with a plethora of options available for people looking to learn new skills or enhance their existing knowledge. While you can find a wide range of courses relating to different fields, some are in high demand, given the growth potential of the segments to which they cater. 

Some of the most popular professional online courses are:

1. Data Science

Data analytics is being used by all industries and helping companies make better decisions. Among the various online professional courses in India, GeekLurn’s Data Science Architect Program is gaining immense popularity as it covers all aspects of data science. This two-year program is a good choice for those looking to make a career in the high-growth data science field. The program offers live interactive sessions of more than 320 hours with prominent data scientists and 18 months of sponsored project work at authorised research centres funded by IISC, ISB, and IIM, allowing students to gain first-hand experience. There is a 100% placement guarantee and students can start paying EMIs after their placement is done.

2. Marketing Courses

At a time when social media platforms and the internet are playing an important role in purchase decisions, marketing courses are in high demand. You can choose from a variety of options like social media marketing, digital marketing or affiliate marketing to enhance your marketing capabilities.

3. Web Designing Courses

With the internet becoming an essential part of our lives, websites and apps are a must for any business. This has boosted the demand for web developers and designers. You can consider GeekLurn’s Full Stack Web Developer course. This six-month professional course includes both online and classroom sessions with real-time industrial teaching. The course curriculum includes HTML, CSS< JavaScript, and Frameworks on the front-end, while helping you master SQL and Nodes.Js on the backend of web development. The institute offers placement assistance to students after the successful completion of the course.

4. Agile Product Management Courses

Product managers play an important role in identifying and building new products. They need an agile environment to set product strategies and create roadmaps. This is where agile product management courses become the need of the hour. They help product managers to learn, plan and implement products in such a way that customer feedback is taken in account for adding further features. GeekLurn offers a two-month online/classroom course for agile product management. The course helps students master the anatomy of a sprint while making them proficient in envisioning business roadmaps. By the end of this program, students learn to prioritise product backlogs and optimise value delivery by learning software technologies like Kanban.

5. Health and Fitness Related Courses

The pandemic highlighted the need to become healthy, keep fit and have better immunity levels. This has triggered a spurt in the demand for health and fitness courses that focus on various aspects including diet, exercise, and mental well-being. These online courses help students introduce small changes to their lifestyles and live a healthier life. The knowledge acquired through these courses can be shared or taught with others to bring about a change in society. Explore the variety of health and fitness courses available online.

6. Scrum Product Owner and Product Manager

Product management requires a lot of teamwork and Scrum is a framework for effective collaborations among teams working on complex products. The knowledge of Scrum and its applications for effective product management can boost your career in this field. To enhance your product management skills, you can look for online professional courses in Scrum. GeekLurn offers a two-month Scrum Product Owner and Product Manager course for software developers, testing engineers, QA engineers, and business analysts looking to expand their career opportunities in the product space. With over 60 hours of live interactive sessions, students learn to handle real-time projects and gain insight into the product management function.

All these online professional courses can help you move ahead in your chosen career path.


As you see, Online learning platforms outweigh the conventional ones in many aspects. It is crisp, short, strong and precise. These learning platforms are not restricted to provide you with good and easy teaching but also they make you business ready.They also help students with career assistance, be it helping in making you resume, interview guidance or recruitment ease. Keeping all the aspects in mind, I find it to be a completely worthy choice before you grade up in your career.


Monica is a senior marketing executive. Her skillsets consist of digital marketing and strategy, SEO, marketing analysis and more. She also has her expertise in writing various copies, including web, newsletters, e-books, social media, etc. But, it does not stop here. Her love for writing goes as far as doing poetry connecting science and life.

Monica Swain

Monica is a senior marketing executive. Her skillsets consist of digital marketing and strategy, SEO, marketing analysis and more. She also has her expertise in writing various copies, including web, newsletters, e-books, social media, etc. But, it does not stop here. Her love for writing goes as far as doing poetry connecting science and life.
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